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Guitar and Bass Guitar

 Before settling on working with metal Steve worked  full time as a musician. His first jobs were fixing guitars and his first attempts at making instruments began in childhood.

Inevitably this developed and the recent results are these 2 instruments. Although made of metals, these unique instruments fall within the normal weight range of conventional guitars. I could fill this website with guitar talk, so please contact me if you would like more information or have any ideas.

I loved making these guitars and working with wood was a breath of fresh air (literally!). I was lucky to be guided throughout the process by Mastercraftsman /luthier Andy Manson, thanks again Andy. The patience needed challenged me but it was refreshing to be ouside the "comfort zone" workwise. (For technical information, see below.)

Guitarra e guitarra baixo

Antes de se estabelecer como metalúrgico, Steve trabalhou a tempo inteiro como musico. Os seus primeiros trabalhos foi a concertar guitarras e as suas primeiras tentativas no fabrico de instrumentos musicais começou na sua infância.

Inevitavelmente isto trouxe desenvolvimentos e os resultados mais recentes são estes dois instrumentos. Apesar de serem feitos de metal, o peso destes instrumentos únicos, coloca-se dentro da faixa das guitarras convencionais.
Poderia preencher este web-site falando somente de guitarras, portanto por favor contacte-me se desejar mais informação ou tiver algumas ideias.

Adorei fazer estas guitarras e trabalhar com madeira foi, literalmente, uma lufada de ar fresco. Tive a sorte de ser guiado através do processo pelo mestre/ artesão Andy Manson. Mais uma vez, obrigado Andy! A paciência necessária foi um desafio mas também foi refrescante estar fora da “zona de conforto” em termos do tipo de trabalho.

Guitar spec:

This guitar is a semi acoustic aluminium bodied jazz type instrument,the neck is English Cherry, fingerboard of diseased rosewood,and a head facing of English Yew .The pickups are Seymour Duncan,and a special pickup outputting midi data is also fitted.

Bass  spec:

The bass is a special low tuning model,the bottom note being B. This sounds great, but you need strong fingers to play it! The instrument is also semi acoustic, but with a set of adjustable soundposts to vary the acoustic/electric balance of the sound and feeel. The body is made of stainless steel, the neck from Canadian rock maple, the fingerboard from ebony and the head has an English yew facing. Also,although it may not be apparent,the fingerboard has large triangle inlays of Somerset bog oak (semi fossilised oak). The machine heads are sealed gotoh units, the pickups are Seymour Duncan Jbass type. These are coupled to an EMG 18v active tone circuit. There is also a midi pickup available for this instrument.

These instruments are both for sale but I am really enjoying playing them!


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